Parterre Garden Services

Summer may be coming to an end…

Introducing Parterre Ecological!

Parterre Garden Services was developed in response to a recognized need for highly skilled garden care and property management throughout greater Boston & Cape Cod. Through expert horticultural care and a comprehensive long-term property management plan, we strive to bring all of our client's properties to their truest verdant potential while maintaining the original design intent.

With our Single Point of Contact approach Parterre assumes responsibility for all aspects of our clients' landscape. By leveraging our extensive horticultural knowledge with our network of highly skilled industry professionals we direct and synchronize all of our clients' needs in the landscape. This can include coordinating insect and disease control, irrigation, arbor care, lawn care, and property clean up as well as the services we perform directly.

Our initial work on a property is focused on understanding the design intent, our client's needs, and the specific requirements of the landscape. From this point we develop a Property Profile Plan that becomes our guide for managing a property over time. This plan contains every detail needed for the care and management of the property and it serves as a roadmap that Parterre and its clients can collectively develop to guide our stewardship of their property.


Parterre Garden Services